The Web portal for researchers to share equipment and facilities in Kyushu University


About ShareAid

What is ShareAid?
The ShareAid website is an equipment sharing database where you can search for shared-use equipment and facilities owned by Kyushu University. See our About page for more information.
I found a mistake in the information.
Please inform the ShareAid Office if you spot an error. We will confirm and correct any misinformation.

Shared Use

What should I do if I want to use equipment or facilities?
Use the search feature to find the equipment you wish to use. Book equipment via the contact information or department website listed on respective equipment/facility information pages.
Is there a fee for using equipment or facilities?
Fees vary by equipment. Please confirm equipment fees on the website linked from the equipment/facility information page or contact the person in charge.
How do I pay the usage fee?
The payment process varies depending on the financial source, so please confirm with the person in charge in your accounting section.
Do I have to take mandatory training before using equipment/facilities?
Mandatory training is required for some equipment. Contact the person in charge of the equipment you wish to use for more information.
Is it possible to request analyses, etc.?
Analysis requests are accepted for some equipment. Please contact the person in charge of the equipment for more information.


What types of research equipment can I post?
You can post research equipment, facilities, and other related instruments that are registered as assets of Kyushu University. However, it may not be possible to transfer certain equipment depending on contract details at the time of purchase, so please check with the Supplies Section for your department before you post.
Who bears the cost for transfer of equipment once the recepient (transferee) has been decided?
As a general rule, all transfer costs (relocation/delivery costs, adjustment costs, etc.) must be borne by the recepient (transferee).
Is it possible to withdraw equipment posted with Reuse?
Yes, equipment may be withdrawn from Reuse. Please contact the ShareAid Office with the equipment name and number.
If someone has already applied to use the equipment, we ask that the equipment owner contact the applicant directly and inform them of the situation.