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Jul/21/2021  Recent Arrival: INAMORI Frontier Research Center
Jul/20/2021  Recent Arrival: Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering
May/19/2021  Recent Arrival: The Research Support Center, Faculty of Medical Sciences
May/07/2021  Recent Arrival: Research Insitute of Superconductor Science and Systems
Mar/05/2021  Recent Arrival: Biotron application center

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Aug/02/2021 (Mon) - Aug/04/2021 (Wed) RADIOISOTOPE AND X-RAY TRAINING COURSE IN ENGLISH(Radioisotope Center) (Online) (Due: Jul/27)

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Apr/21/2021 Centrifuge

Apr/21/2021 Proton Magnetic Resonance
Apr/21/2021 Automatic Pipetting Device
Apr/13/2021 HPLC ECD
Apr/13/2021 HPLC FL

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