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Recent Arrival: Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering

Registered following 46 equipment (Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering):

Precision balance
Multi-hotting bath with stirrer
Hotplate with magnetic stirrer
CCD array spectrometer
He-Cd Laser
Jog operation box
USB3.0 camera
Dry vacuum pump
PSD signal processing unit
DC power supply
Halogen lamp
Gauss meter
DC Power supply
Laser diode system
DPSS laser
High voltage amplifier
Digital function generator
Industrial Microscope
CMOS camera
Scanning electron microscope
Stage controller
Fluorescence Spectrometer
CCD camera
NTSC to USB converter
Optical power meter
Halogen lamp
Stage controller
LD driver
Pulsed-width tunable picosecond semiconductor laser
Lock-in amplifier
UV lightsource
Solid state laser
Industrial Microscope
Single photon detector
Picosecond diode laser
Automatic stage
Photomultiplier tube module
DC Power Supply
LD unit power supply
Laser diode
Laser diode
Laser diode